Even If It Kills You?

So long, Jeremy Clarkson!

In a stunning turn of events for Top Gear fans, the beloved host of 14 years was *ahem* “let go.” The well-renowned and comic TV host has long been known for his outspoken opinions and controversial sense of humor. Yet, it was for those reasons that he was held up in such a high esteem by fans worldwide. It was also for those further reasons that his departure meant tears were shed, petitions were signed, and death threats were made (quite literally). Of course, there is a reason for all misfortunes.

The reason for Mr. Clarkson’s departure is because his alleged verbal and physical assault against one of the show’s producers. After his long history of difficult behavior, the CEO’s of BBC decided it was best to let Clarkson go. I for one am not an active fan of the show (though I did make it a priority to watch the Doctor Who episodes), so I will not be specifically rebuking Clarkson or his actions here. What I am wondering, however, is if the owners will stand by their decision or not? As I already stated, a major outcry broke out over Mr. Clarkson and his absence from the show. My twitter feed had many comments such as “Well, Top Gear’s reason for existence is gone.” Along with these major backlash and boycotts was the various death threats sent to the owners of the show. So I ask again, will the owners stand their ground? I for one am quite interested to see if these men cave in to the outcry and decide to bring Clarkson back or not. It is quite common for major companies such as these to let the public sway their moral decisions. Let me ask you the inevitable, would you be swayed in what you believed if your job, reputation, or even life depended on it?

When we look to the Bible, we can see such men and women as Moses, Joshua, Esther, Peter, and even Jesus who had the courage to stand their ground even if death was their ultimate fate. Yet, I’m going to take a brief look at Paul and his ministry when it comes to standing up for your belief. The reason for this is because sometimes it is easy to die for a cause. I am not belittling anyone who has done such an enormous triumph, but it comes down to that idea of, “you will die for me, but will you live for me?” And since most of us (hopefully) in the 21st century are not in any physical peril for our stance on Christianity, we must look to the problems of today. We see in Galatians 2 that Paul had to endure quite a lot to make sure God’s message of freedom from the Law was understood and put in place. It seemed to be an ongoing problem for Paul during his ministry, one that was continually challenged by the Jewish Christians and critics of the time. Yet, he would not give in, not even for a moment (Gal. 2:5). He had to make this stand against his Jewish brethren, probably against the Jews he grew up with his entire life, and even his fellow apostle Peter. Of course when we proclaim God’s word, we as Christians must have gentleness and understanding when it comes to how we treat outsiders. But are you willing to lose old friends because you refuse to participate in immorality? Are you willing to not receive recognition at your job because you will not party or work on Sundays? Are you willing to even be resented by a child or other relative because you will not accept their sinful life styles? These are all questions we need to ask ourselves. Will you stand your ground even if it will kill your reputation or earthly relationships? Just like God’s words to the Nation of Israel in their quest for the Promised Land, so He is our refuge in times of trial. It reads, “It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” (Deut. 31:8).


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