I Hate Lucy?

Look at the picture! Need I say more? You can understand the sudden outbreak of criticism and hate thrown at this audacious representation of one of the greatest comedians of all time by fans, as well as yours truly. Lucille Ball is, in her own right, a TV icon. Beloved by all generations for the foreseeable future, in fact. Don’t get me wrong though, she was as nuts as they get. She had a reputation of going to the utmost extreme to make her fans and ratings thrive in her acclaimed “I Love Lucy” TV show. Remember such situations as getting in a grape fight with the larger Italian women, or getting doused in honey and water on a TV game show? Yeah, she was bonkers. But all the while she had a charm and beauty about her that only the great Lucille Ball could possess.

Now, just look at that dedicated statue. I hear the “rioters” of sorts are making petitions to remove such an atrocious image of Lucy. In which case, I will happily put my signature forward! Now let me ask you a difficult question, are you equally a terrible representation in your life? That may seem weird, but bear with me. We likewise all stand for something in our life. Maybe we are the face or image of a particular cause, industry, or even family. If so, it is your responsibility to represent that specific group to the best of your ability. Why is it than that so many are making fools of themselves when it comes to representing Christ and His church? We could be described as a statue of sorts, or a figuring, or as C.S. Lewis I believe puts it, tiny tin soldiers of God. Whatever visual example we use, it comes out as the same problem, are we letting Christ’s image get trampled on by our selfish and poor choices?

While thinking about this, let us consider Paul’s words to Titus in Titus 2:11-9. In this somewhat basic and self-explanatory list, we see that Paul is encouraging pretty every different group of humans on how to live their life. You might let such a list slip by without a second thought, but when you consider Titus and his congregation’s surroundings, it paints a totally different picture. You see, Titus lived and ministered on the Island of Crete, which was essentially a big pirate cove (picture Tortuga from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean). These Christians (including Titus) had to somehow make a good image of Christ and His Word in the midst of such depravity, all the while making sure their own spiritual lives were in contact. The reason for this (according to vs. 8) was, “so that the opponent will be put to shame, having nothing bad to say about us.”

Can those who are lost have anything evil to say regarding your own morals? If we are an individual who possess apathy, contempt, or even worse, hypocrisy for God’s word, all the while claiming to represent Christ, how will anyone find truth and hope in His way? Before we choose to make a selfish and foolish action in our life, whether it be drinking with friends, cheating on your spouse, cursing out someone you are frustrated with, post something inappropriate, or any other similar sin, remember who you represent. We need to be individuals who walk in the light (1 John 1:7) first off, for our own souls, but also because we represent so much more. We need to be a beacon of hope in this crazy world, and not just be another really, really creepy statue. Because frankly, we already have plenty of those.

P.S. I am going to risk sounding flamboyant, but Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson’s duet of “All I Ask of You” is quite stunning. Go youtube it!




  1. J. Randal Matheny · April 16, 2015

    Great application!


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