3 Arrows For Your Time

200mph, that’s how fast it flies! Oh wait, you should probably have asked the question first. I was answering just how fast the fastest of arrows can get at a particular time. Cool, don’t you think? That’s 300 feet per second, at least that’s what my good friends at Google search state. I have only had the experience of shooting a bow for one afternoon, but I can guarantee I didn’t make it fly that fast. Why is it then, that speed and such power makes one see the frail and mortal state we are all in? Maybe that’s just my own quirk, but think about it. In a mere fraction of a second, your life could very well be in jeopardy. At least, in 300 feet per second…

I recently had a conversation with a sister in Christ, and she was telling me how a loved one she had seemed to drag their feet when it came to becoming fully dedicated to Christ. It is quite a familiar testament said by many. This loved one said plainly, “I have more sinning to do.” Sobering, isn’t it? I think that is because it is straightforward and truer than many of us would like to give it credit. Because as this sister followed with, “you will never be satisfied sinning, it will always continue.” How many of us have found that giving 100% dedication is difficult? We all understand that we will all fall short from time to time, that’s where God’s infinite grace comes into play. Yet, for some, making the leap of dedication is incredibly difficult to perform (whether we present ourselves as dedicated already or not).  Maybe it is not necessarily a hindrance of dedication when it comes to our life of sin. Rather it might be timidity to present ourselves as sons and daughter of Christ to the world around us, maybe it is our reluctance to make extra time for God and his church throughout the week when we would prefer to keep busy with our own affairs, maybe it is our tight grasp on our money and earthly possessions that make it difficult to look to Him with full assurance and trust in life. We all have our short comings when it comes to fully giving ourselves to Him. Incidentally, it is nothing completely new.

In 2 Kings 13:14-21, we see the last account of the prophet of God Elijah right before his death. In his last moments he was still fulfilling the work that God had in mind for him. Here we see that king Joash of Israel came before the dying prophet in mourning. Yet, Elisha still had news for the king. He informed the king that if the king shot an arrow (Arrow of the Lord’s victory in fact) towards the east, then victory over their enemies Aram would be for the taking. Having done this, Elisha instructed the king to continue shooting the ground. An odd command, don’t you think? But it was going to reveal a lot about king Joash. You see, the scriptures tell us that after 3 mere arrows; Joash stopped and did not continue shooting. “19 The man of God was angry with him and said, “You should have struck the ground five or six times; then you would have defeated Aram and completely destroyed it. But now you will defeat it only three times.” You see, while this command and account do not make a lot of sense to you and I, what it did reveal about Joash was that he seemed to have reluctance in either following God’s commands, or in God’s promises. Either way, Joash was not fully dedicated, thus it would cost him complete victory over his enemies.

“Not here, not now, maybe later.” That is the mentality of most. There is a time and place for God and His work, word, and love, but I will seek it out later. Luckily for us, we have a Creator of perfect patience (1 Tim. 1:16), but time is friends with no man. We must understand that God has already given all, promised all, and sacrificed all for us to follow Him. How long will we repay his everlasting gift with 3 mere arrows, when what he wants is our hearts and lives dedicated to Him?

P.S. While I have been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to Mumford and Sons new sound, I am totally obsessed with their song “Ditmas”! Go check it out!


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  1. lzferris · October 6, 2015

    Just like the widower who was told to fill the jars, how much of God’s blessing do we want at least she ran out of jars. What about Naaman not wanting to wash in the Jordan seven times what will we do to be right in the sight of God? Thanks for the stories they always make me think daily prayers for you all… God Bless

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