Ecstatic to a Fault

In the Words of the great Chris Martin, “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face.” I think it is going to be a pretty great day…

As of Monday morning, November 2nd, I have that rare opportunity to say that the great state of Oklahoma is going to contain some absolutely beautiful weather. Add into the mix that the holiday season is gaining upon us (which in my book is a two thumbs up fact), vacations are coming up soon, and I am getting to spend time with good friends and family. Not too shabby, right? Now, what is your definition of a perfect day? For some of us it is full of hiking, sports, shopping, traveling, or just down time with the fam. No need to be shy, we all have our preconceived ideas of a perfect day!

In my short yet sickeningly high-spirited write this morning, I wanted us to take a look at those great days. You know, those 75°, family/friend filled, and fun days where everything is going according to plan, and make us realize life is quite extraordinary. Now, we understand that we can and should find joy in any circumstance we find ourselves in, but we can’t deny there are certain days that we rediscover our much needed bliss. Now here is my question for you: If we have all been blessed with the beautiful spectacle which is a great day, how do we in return bless our heavenly Father with that exact same feeling?

I know what you’re thinking, “but God is the creator of all things wonderful, what possible help could we provide Him?” In Bible class, we recently studied the final moment Jesus had with His apostles before He went to the garden to pray. We noted that his final request and prayer was that His apostles and all those who would believe in their word (us – His church) would have perfect unity with Him and the Father (John 17:20-24). Needless to say, this should be viewed as more than just a nice gesture on Jesus’ part. Yet I want us to change gears for a moment. What we must do now is specifically look (with this fact in mind) at the latter words of John that he wrote in 3rd John verse 4, which state, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

Granted, these are John’s words to a specific people. But he was an inspired man who shared the same joy as God does, and this is the same mindset found in 2 Corinthians 2:15 which describes His faithful children as a fragrant aroma to Him and to the lost. You see, what brings true joy and happiness to our Father is being united and loving towards one another, all the while walking and living out what God has intended for us through His word. You see, that is what puts a smile on His face, that is what gives him happiness, that is what gives Him joy beyond all else. So why don’t we put aside prejudices, agendas, our own opinions, and bind together to give God what He truly deserves, a very good day!


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