Pixar Films: Ranked

In whom do we give the responsibility of making our children entertained, our adults laugh and cry, our senses tingle, our motivations inspired, and our hearts love? If it can be found in a word, it is Pixar…

Welcome once again, to the Warnes industry of ingenious rankings (or WIIR, if you prefer). Today’s subject is none-other than the film industry that has captivated our interests and hearts for the past 20 years (the 22nd of the month will be Toy Story’s anniversary, so’s ya know). It seemed that Pixar single handedly saved Disney’s animated department up till the 2010’s, and made too many classic computer animated films and shorts to name. Since Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur will release next week, we found no better time to release this ranking than the now!

In today’s mission, I am accompanied by my kid brother, Adam Warnes. Adam is a senior in High-School, and the Co-Founder of the teen devotional site, Let No One Look Down. A mutual interest we both share is film, and more specifically, animated films. While you may assume that since we are kin, our lists would come out identical (in truth, I assumed the same). I can assure you, however, that the unseen behind the scenes of this list was a bloody (animated) battle of wills. Alas, we are confident that our very subjective list is beyond full proof (to infinity and beyond in fact!). So, without further ado, here is the Warnes’ Bros: (like Warner Bros…*snickering* Don’t you get it?…) Rankings of Every Pixar Film!

15. Cars 2

Let’s face it; there was no other possibility for the position of last place With stunning and colorful visuals, it is a shame that Cars 2 added up to little more than a straight to DVD release. While I may have my issues with other Pixar films, this is the only one that truly feels like a misstep from the acclaimed film industry. With the setting, story, characters, and humor escalating beyond outlandish. This semi fun, yet ultimate empty sequel only has the capacity to please the very young at heart. – Andrew

14. Brave

This movie started absolutely amazing; amazing music, amazing scenery, the amazing voice of Emma Thompson as Elinor (the mother of the main character), Merida, hilarious humor and just simply fun. This truly had the makings of possibly the best Pixar movie. I mean, the main character is a Scottish chick that shoots with a bow. What’s not to love about a Scottish Katniss Everdeen, right? Well, we hit the middle, and it suddenly shifts to a crossover of The Hunger games, and Brother bear. Let’s be honest, besides Phil Collins ‘On My Way’, was there anything good that came out of Brother Bear? On top of that I thought most of the humor was getting re-used over and over. It wasn’t as exciting as it was earlier, and the writing just started to get bad. It had such potential, this was the movie Pixar did that I wish there was some way they could go back and re-do. – Adam

Pixar 1

13. Toy Story 3

There is one thing that my brother and I both equally agree on that the masses will likely require our heads for; Toy Story 3 was highly overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it still is a fitting conclusion to the Toy Story universe (though if rumors are true that a 4th is in production, I will dislike it even more). I still can’t get over the fact that a generic “Toy Story” story (compared to 1 & 2), with too many characters to keep tabs on, familiar humor, a change in animation that felt a bit disconnecting, and a villain that had the same plot-line as Toy Story 2, can be called the greatest animated movie ever, as well as a Best Picture nominee. I would like to sum it up in one word; sentiment. Pixar perfectly released the film to coincide with its original young fans to be leaving for college at the same time, making it a heart-jerker more than an original sequel. If you tear away the nostalgia for a moment, you will find a been-there, done-that display (IMO). – Andrew

12. A Bugs Life

A Bug’s Life, this movie was based on the classic western, The Magnificent Seven, which was originally based off of the Japanese classic, The Seven Samurai. With the help of the iconic voice of Kevin Spacey as the main villain Hopper, this is a good movie. The problem is, there is not much that makes this one stand out. There is nothing wrong with this movie, it really is a good one, but in a franchise of great movies, this one is just good. And being Bookended by Toy Stories one and two probably didn’t help any. With that said, we should all have a soft spot in our hearts for this classic. While it may not have been one of the greats in Pixar history, it really did help kick off this great franchise, and for that we should be truly grateful. – Adam

11. Cars


Pixar 2

Similar to its sequel, Cars is a visual stunner, and a real comic display that works marvelously But one thing remains, its predictable plot, message, and even characters make for quite possibly the most child-geared film found in the vault of Pixar’s archives. That is not to say that its humor does not make up for it, because the original Cars uses Larry The Cable Guys’ Mater to perfection (unlike the follow-up). I also really enjoyed Paul Newman’s final contribution to Hollywood as Doc, as well as the exciting race sequences (which are thrilling). Over all, a great (though maybe not fantastic) Pixar film! – Andrew

10. Monsters University

In this prequel to the beloved Monsters Inc. we get to see the origins that bring about one of the best cartoon duos, Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (A.K.A Sully). Now, making a movie about these two learning how to scare kids, when in the original we see them learning that it is wrong, caused this one to be not nearly as touching as the original. This fact does cause it to be further down in the countdown. That aside, with the help of a brilliantly written cast of brand new characters, this movie could possibly go down, in my opinion, as Pixar’s funniest one yet! – Adam

9. Inside Out

The latest Pixar movie, Inside Out, is undeniably a fantastic movie. This might have the simplest storyline of all other Pixar’s. The main characters are the emotions inside a depressed eleven-year-old girl’s head, but everything else is so complex.The highlight of this movie has to be the animation; there are at least three different styles of animation in this movie, which makes it visually mesmerizing. We also see many different clever, and hilarious ways they show how a mind works as in, long term memory, a train of thought, where dreams come from and many others. All in all, Pixar made it well worth the wait in the two-year drought since Monsters U. – Adam

8. UP

Pixar 3

While some might argue that this particular film should be miles ahead of the others, it just goes to show how truly fantastic Pixar is. Adam and I kept joking that the top 8-9 films in our rankings could each easily take the cake, thus proving Pixar’s grandeur!  UP almost serves as a beacon of all Pixar films. It contains tear filled moments, hilarious companions/supporting characters (“Stop, you dogs!”), vibrant colors, adventure, and inspiration. In fact it is so chalk full of greatness, one might even accuse it of being overwhelming at times… – Andrew

7. Toy Story 2

Pixar truly was the group who went to prove it is possible for an animated sequel to be equally as charming as its predecessor. When comparing with it’s original; “2” was just as fun, the characters are just as valued and in depth as before (which is usually the first feature to be thrown out when making a sequel), the new characters were great additions (without stealing the spotlight), and the story was as exciting as ever! Plus, seeing Zurg as a 7 year old (no matter how short it was), was pretty awesome! – Andrew

6. Monsters Inc.

This movie sheds a whole new light on the phrase, “They’re more scared of you than you are of them.” In this world, only the bravest, and the best monsters take on the dangerous task of gathering the screams, for energy, from the toxic to the touch human children. Because of an inside the corporation shady job, the unthinkable happens, a human little girl gets set loose on the monster world. In this Pixar classic, we are first introduced to the dynamic duo of Mike and Sully. Voiced by the equally dynamic duo of Billy Crystal and John Goodman. This truly touching classic shows how even the scariest of monsters can’t resist loving a little girl. Along with one of the funniest and clever cameo’s by John Ratzenberger as The Abominable Snowman, no matter how old this movie gets, it has never really gotten old. – Adam

5. Toy Story

Pixar 4

The one problem I have with Dream Works animated films (which are great) is that for a few years they seemed to suffer thanks to their fixation of making all their main characters voiced by an “A-Lister.” The problem came when the Stars proved to bring little/nothing to the role, making the films inevitably suffer. Thankfully, that is not the case in Pixar’s granddaddy of a film. Besides making the most inventive and clever family film to hit the screen, Pixar also showed their genius thanks of the talented duo Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. I would wager that never has A-Listers brought so much to a voice performance in any other film. When you hear Woody and Buzz have at it in the parking lot, you don’t hear actors; you can almost see the brilliance they brought to their performances. This is just one of the many amazing feats by Toy Story! – Andrew

4. Ratatouille

I’m not one for cooking, but never before has a movie made me desire to pick up an apron so much! The tagline, “Anyone can cook” reigns true, when Remy the rat brings new life back to the once five-star restaurant of Gusteau’s with the help of the new garbage boy, Linguini. These two unlikely friends teach the culinary world, and everyone else, to never underestimate anyone. As long as you get a proper chance at your dream, with hard work and the support of those you love, you never know what you can achieve.This flick will give you the urge to cook, eat and visit Paris, France, along with giving you a soft spot for rats. It wasn’t a hard choice, this movie was well deserving of its high rank in the countdown. – Adam


As a 15 year old, my friends only had complaints about Disney/Pixar’s WALL-E saying, “It’s a tree-hugging, silent film.” Needless to say, I had little expectations. Boy was I surprised when I came out of the film awestruck! The first 45 minutes or so of WALL-E, which contains very little dialogue, might be some of the best moments in cinematic history! It is absolutely gorgeous, enthralling, and magical in every sense of the word. Its flawless storytelling, visuals (just amazing), score, and characters make for such a moving experience. It is actually when the characters start talking that I felt it derail (but not too bad). Add into the mix that Wall-E might be one of the most sympathetic and iconic characters of our time! (BTW, Wall-E and myself are both ISFJ’s, which means we are essentially kindred spirits). – Andrew

2. Finding Nemo

Pixar 5

I could go on and on about this movie and never exceed how great this one is, but, instead I will try and make it simple and sweet. It’s hard to focus on one aspect of this movie that is really the outstanding one, though. Is it the animation and how it is one of the most beautiful Pixar’s throughout the whole movie? Could it be the writing, with the humor, touching scenes, and story development?  This movie really has a top-notch script. What about one of Pixar’s greatest characters ever, Dory? Maybe it’s the soundtrack, which is magnificently composed by Thomas Newman, who makes a memorable and unique style of music for this movie? Whatever it is that makes this movie, maybe it’s all of the above, this is not only one of the best Pixar movies but one of the greatest movies of all time. – Adam

1.The Incredibles

While at the age of 11, I may have attempted to have contempt for animated films, there was still no way hiding my excitement for The Incredibles. Pixar was able to reach grand new achievements in this film by literally perfecting every stellar area. I mean seriously, it has it all. A fantastic tale of romance, an important lesson on family, a relevant message on relationships, the best comedy in animation (possibly ever), jaw-dropping effects, (*signing and panting attempting to get a breather*), thrilling action, the most likable characters, Samuel L. Jackson, robots, and “no capes!” Gosh, I could go on forever. Each time I get to see this film, I am taken back to when I saw it in my first ever “full house” movie theater experience. Being in the front row may cause irritation and neck pain, but you couldn’t convince that nerdy kid that he should be anywhere else in the world but glued to that movie screen. The Incredibles sure is a thing of perfection, and we might just get a sequel after all… – AndrewPixar 6

As was previously stated, Pixar has many wondrous films, and ranking them was incredibly difficult. Each individual has been moved, inspired, and overwhelmingly entertained by a specific Pixar film in their life. Was there one we ranked too low for your liking? Let us know in the comments, and thank you for reading! Also, a special thanks to my brother Adam for joining me today, ‘twas a lot of fun! Go check out his and his friends blog for some good reads.

P.S. I have criticized my siblings endlessly for their habit of listening to a cool new song tirelessly until it has lost its mojo in the first month of discovery. I will gladly admit that has hypocritically been me with Adele’s “Hello.” If you’ve been hiding under a rock, go check it out!


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