Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Neighbor, Friend…Oh, how you humble me.

In the wake of discovering that my blog has now posted 19 various and equally tacky articles, I wanted the 20th to be as personal and sincere as I could fabricate (I apologize for the “me” centeredness of it all). Also with the oncoming Holiday season, which always kicks off with the most relevant Holiday in this latter part of the year, we are now entering Thanksgiving week. It is a time of reflection when it comes to just how we have been blessed this year, and each years past. In today’s article of reflection, I want to muse about one specific area of each and every one of our lives that we all (who are fortunate enough to possess) should be truly thankful for; our home.

The 2015 as it stands…

Jan. 1st – April 6th: Denver Colorado / Hometown glory:

There is something about Denver that is very dear to my heart. It’s heavy traffic and skinny hippies occupy the Mountain Town to a fault, but I love that city. More specifically though, I love my home there. It has always been a safe haven for me, always been what I hold dear and where I find comfort. Alas, graduating College was an eye opener for me. I understood that my parents had brought me up all those years, training me and encouraging me to be able to make something of my life. But when a lack of work, difficult circumstances, and ultimately reality tell you it is time to hit the road, it can be hard. So, I had to move on to the next chapter…

April 6th – June 5th: Broken Bow Oklahoma / A (VERY) Blond Boardinghouse:

“Move to small town Oklahoma, you say? Pah! The idea is utter nonsense!” ‘twas my thought a good 18 months ago or so. Little did I know how much I needed it to truly move on in my life. You see, practically nothing in the world could bring me to the setting I just jested about, except possibly the love and welcoming of one practically dear family. I am talking about my brother and sister-in-law (actually both my brothers and sister-in-law’s, they are equally close and appreciated), as well as their group of munchkins. You see, while I may have been moving from home, I was able to take an extended stay in one home where I could start a journey of being more independent for myself, while depending on those who care for me.

June 9th – Aug. 31st: Altus OK / Summerhouse

This one was a unique experience. It provided all the traits summerhouse ought to contain; adventure, fun, excitement, and newness! Combine that with a dash of busy, busy, busy, nerves, uncertainty, and adjustment. It was the beginning of God’s next step of opportunities for me in the year 2015. Getting to know my new friends and church family, getting into the groove of this new schedule, running a house by myself…These things required more confidence and responsibility than I admittedly probably had. Thank God I had my sister and brother-in-law to let me bum off them only an hour away if need be, as well as a great group of individuals who had enough patience to help a poor soul out.

Sep. 9th – ?: 1 Room, Please! / Home.

Who knew a living space could reflect one’s self (don’t worry; I’m not going deranged on you, just an observation)? It gives a crack at being cool and original, all the while being on the disorganized, unorthodox, and oddly proportioned side (being too small, where as I, however…). That is not to say I find it unpleasant, I love it in fact! You could say it best represents how far I have gotten in a singular year. While far from “understanding it all,” I am still thrilled to realize that I have found a place of beyond contentment. I still live off my above gracious siblings nearby, and still depend on my friends here in town, but the groove has started to mold…and I like it!

Well, that was a waste of time, wasn’t it? I babbled about my living space for a good 650 words, with no endpoint in sight. The awkward truth, however, is that there is a point. The point being that I have attempted to come quite far this year, even if it did take eons longer than it ought to have. Yet, in all honesty, all this was out of reach for me and my own “know-hows.” That is where this post pays homage to my loved ones who came in and saved the day. This task was beyond my reach, and I was given a sturdy (hundred) hand(s) to help guide me along the way. All the while, I knew that I was one of the world’s 15% of people who knew they would never go without a house. And even more than just a house, I have been given many opportunities to be part of a home (sappy cliché, much? That’s alright), and I cherish each and every one of you who have given me that assurance.

And of course, I feel extremely confident that this short journey has also provided me with the opportunity to grow in a totally other confidence. A confidence that I will always be cherished and protected by One who has always done so, My Father in heaven. While life may seem confusing and difficult at times, and the reference to mice and men still holds true, I can know that I have a home more treasured than any mansion. It puts these words into perspective more than I ever truly understood, “My lovingkindness and my fortress, My stronghold and my deliverer, My shield and He in whom I take refuge…” (Psalm 144:2).

God, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Neighbor, Friend…Oh, how you humble me.

P.S. If you like cool remakes of Classic Songs, try “Africa” by Quietdrive. It came out 2011, but I love it in 2015!


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