My Christmas Plea to Adele Adkins

If good fortune smiles upon us mere mortals this December, this would be one simple way we would recognize it.

To say she is a 21st century sweet heart would even be an understatement. How do you avoid going throughout your everyday life which includes going to work, socializing (both physically and network-ly), and trying to keep up with any kind of “happenings” in the world without running into Adele? The answer is simple; impossible. If you had tried to avoid her about 6 months ago, it still would have been unimaginable to remain ignorant about her thanks to her many hits, 2 acclaimed albums, and countless Grammy wins. In the last few months, however, it is merely impossible to keep a distance from this dame. What with her album 25 and single Hello breaking records everywhere you turn. She is a phenomenon. She is legendary. She is THE thing…And that simply, is what makes her so impressive.

Now, with an extensive resume since the young age of 19, so many people have sought out requests from this young gal. Now it is my turn, and I ask for your help to make it possible. You see, when someone becomes this prominent in the music industry, only one achievement is left for them to fully become a success/or a sellout (depending on your viewpoint)…That is a Christmas record. Now, as much as I would love a full blown Christmas Album from this magnificent songwriter (*hint hint*), I also understand that she is not someone who jumps into anything cheap like this. Her 3-4 year process of writing albums is clear indication that she puts nothing but the best forward, and she won’t sell out so easy. But all I am seeking is one simple and measly Christmas song. But which one specifically, what with 100’s to choose from? Well, thankfully, I have just the one…

Auld Lang Syne

That’s right, Auld Lang Syne. This is an opinion I have had for years. There is a very good reason for this decision too, let me explain.

First off, this is quite an original pick, if you think about it. There are not too many popular versions of this out there. Sure, you can run into a couple of traditional or even oddly original representations of this song by celebrities (who have it sandwiched together in the middle of their other songs), but nothing that truly stands apart. She herself is as original is it gets. Her slow tuned jazz melodies are the reason the masses crave her, she stands apart in a mega crowded room. Just imagine it starting out in a semi A Capella solo, slowly turning into a jazzy “Adele” representation of the tune, than the second half being infused with classic holiday charged inspiration as well as Adele’s traditional vocals…Doesn’t it just give you chills to think about? She needs something she can make her own, and something that can’t be found just anywhere.

Another reason is because it will be more than just a one time a year song. No, she will be doing a classic song that not only is the song for the season, but it is also a theme for New Year’s. You’ll be able to listen to that baby for a full extra week more than most traditional Christmas tunes, isn’t that exciting? Finally, because the song is a subtle classic, just like she is. Like I said, not just anybody is doing this specific tune. Yet, it is the theme to the greatest Christmas Classic of all time, It’s A Wonderful Life. You would be daft to say that she herself is not a living legend, one that generations will turn to endlessly, and she needs an equally legendary song.

In short, if Adele were to make a Christmas song, it would probably be the first electronic single to be sold out, cause she is just that loved. But how much more impressive would it be for her to show just as much integrity when it came to a simple Christmas release? I have explained why this particular Holiday Song would be perfect for her archives, now it is up to you to get it there. Is it a near impossible task? Sure, but all the best causes are. Am I tactlessly asking you to share my post? Of course! Either that or blog about it yourself, the originator of a vital plan doesn’t care about mere credit. All that matters is this; that by having our voices heard, Adele might, just maybe, create one of the greatest holiday songs of all time!


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