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Welcome to my ever changing description “about” myself! I am Andrew Warnes, your humble host. I do not pretend to be very interesting, but I do try to have a bit of fun in life. I am currently a newbie in the state of Oklahoma (The city of Altus to be specific), and am trying my best not to miss the mountains and way of life that Denver once held for me. I am the Associate Minister at the Elm and Hudson church of Christ who enjoys movies, music, food, politics, sports, and about anything else that grabs my attention. Above all else, though, I am a born again Christian. I have been saved by the blood of my Savior Jesus Christ as Acts 2:38 has instructed. I hope you find a bit of fun, interest, and uplifting from my page as I attempt to cover all areas of my guilty interests.


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  1. Kathy Stafford · May 5, 2016

    Andrew, I am SO mad at you right now!! Not really, but I have sat at my computer an extra hour today when I probably should have been working or studying. I ran across your blog and became totally engrossed in your articles. I had to make myself quit reading and get my day going. What I read is insightful, interesting, intriguing, and inspirational. Keep up the good work and deep thinking.


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