Best Albums of 2017: Or (My Grammy Awards, 3rd edition).

It’s my favorite time of year, again. It’s not every day that people find it socially acceptable to do random “Media Lists” (which I have an affinity for). I don’t know what it is. I’ll admit it is slightly pretentious and “showy,” but I find it fun nonetheless. Now, for the only end of the year list I feel worthy writing on, music’s finest. As a precursor, this year had one amazing first half, in which the majority of my albums came from. I thought it so good in fact that the latter half would ruin everything, that was only slightly the case. In fact, the first half year gave forth a whopping 4 of my 5 selections.
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OneRepublic – Oh My My: Diamonds Presented as Rough

On the dawn of Oh My My’s release (OneRepublic’s 4th studio album), the world renowned pop/rock band graced the world with a Facebook Livestream Interview (exciting stuff, right? *snort*). The interview was set up in such a way as to be able to advertise and answer questions regarding the album. You can imagine that I, being a self-diagnosed OneRepublic fanatic, was rather on edge to hear the latest “word.” Granted, the few singles I had heard were a bit on the exotic side compared to what I was familiar with, plus the album cover/title left much to be desired (Yes, I nitpick at such things), but surely the outcome will be as riveting as any past OneRepublic record, correct? But when the first thing lead singer, Grammy winning producer and songwriter, Ryan Tedder had to communicate was essentially a flip of the bird to any critic who might dislike their work, it left me with the uneasy question, shall I brace for impact?
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